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Push Authentication

The Push authentication method, which uses push notifications on mobile devices, was introduced in ESET Secure Authentication (ESA) version 2.5.X, and was available only for Android devices. ESA 2.6.X extended Push authentication to iOS devices also, and ESA 2.7 extended it to Windows phone as well.

Both OTP and Push authentication can be enabled per user or for multiple users in one go in Users section of ESA Web Console.

To enable push notifications on iOS devices, when prompted, tap Allow. On Android devices, notifications are enabled automatically.




It may take some time for the push notifications to start working after the user's phone has been provisioned, or push notifications have been turned on in ESA Web Console.

Users can approve or reject the authentication request directly from the notification area of their mobile device.


Android; iOS

Tap the notification somewhere off the Approve and Reject buttons to open the Mobile application where you can approve or reject the authentication request.


ESA Mobile App

You can also manage Push authentication requests on smart watches running Android OS or iOS.

Each push notification contains an ID which matches the ID of the authentication request screen.

What if I reject the push notification?

Rejection of push notification does not send any feedback to the Authentication Server (AS), but closes the notification bubble/window. If the AS does not receive approval in 150 seconds, the user is not granted access to the service/computer protected by 2FA.

Android smart watch

When an ESET notification displays on an Android smart watch, slide the screen right or left to see available options.If a PIN-protected Mobile Application is in use, 'Approve on phone' is displayed.

Apple watch

When an ESET notification displays on an Apple watch, scroll down to Approve or Reject.


Notification arrived; Scroll down to action buttons

If a PIN-protected Mobile Application is in use, only the Reject option is available.