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Call description

This call removes a trial license specified in the input parameter by the public license key.

This API call requires authorization; the user has to be logged in.

Request URL:

This request is a POST call type.

The user needs the write permissions to the customer with the license.

The user can remove a license only from its direct child company.

The call can remove only a license of the type trial.

Call structure


  "publicLicenseKey": "string"


Call parameters




Public License ID number in the following format XXX-XXX-XXX.

Mandatory input parameter. A proper value must be set.

Response structure

A successful call returns an empty JSON response.

hmtoggle_plus0Example response


ESET MSP Administrator 2 API uses standardized error codes. If you are getting errors or unexpected responses, see the Troubleshooting API for common problems and the list of error codes.

List of error codes