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Ema1Mapping - migration

ESET MSP Administrator 2 API provides various functions to help with the EMA 1 to EMA 2 migration process. Your EMA 1 account is migrated by ESET after agreement. After the migration, your company still exists in the EMA 1 in read-only mode.

An invitation email is sent when the migration process is complete. You must activate your new account in the EMA 2 web portal. Accounts that used API with EMA 1 are automatically enabled for API in EMA2. Functions in the Ema1Mapping category provides you EMA 2 equivalents to EMA 1 identifiers like:

Company ID

Site ID (RAKey)

License ID

User ID


All functions from the Ema1Mapping category are GET calls where you use your EMA 1 identifier as input, and you get the EMA 2 equivalent in the response. We recommend starting with getting your new Company ID.

Users transitioning from EMA 1 API, note that the Search and Report functions are different in the ESET MSP Administrator 2 API.

Migrated identifiers

The following identifiers, enums and codes have a new value in the ESET MSP Administrator 2 API:




See the countries list.


See the entity types.

EMA1 MSP Manager - 1 -> EMA2 –1004

EMA1 MSP - 2-> EMA2 –1005

EMA1 Managed MSP -3 -> EMA2 –1006

EMA1 Company Department – 4 -> EMA2 - 1003

EMA1 Distributor – 5 -> EMA2 1002

EMA1 MSP Manager (FR) -6 -> EMA2 –1004

EMA1 MSP (FR) – 7 -> EMA2 –1005

HQ is in EMA 1 a MSP Manager -> EMA 2 –1001

Site in EMA 1 is not a company -> EMA2 - 1007


See the list of permissions.

EMA1 Admin – 2 -> EMA2 Write - 1

EMA1 Write – 12 -> EMA2 Write - 1

EMA1 Read – 11 -> EMA2 Read – 2

EMA1 no access -> EMA2 No access - 3


Product Code

See the list of products.

Deprecated identifiers

The following identifiers were not migrated and used in EMA 2.

LoginID and Token: EMA 2 API uses different tokens

CompanyNoteID: No equal data field in EMA 2

NotificationID: No equal data field in EMA 2

StateProvinceID: No equal data field in EMA 2

SearchID: EMA 2 API uses different search functionality

ReportName: EMA 2 API uses different report functionality (for example, UsageReport, BillingReport)