Submit file from ESET PROTECT

In ESMC 7.1, 7.2 and in ESET PROTECT you can submit Blocked files reported by ESET Inspect. Follow the steps below to submit files for analysis:

1.Log in to the Web Console.



User can only access and upload detections from computers where the user has permissions.

2.Click Detections, select the detection you want to submit. You can submit only files in Detection Category: Blocked Files.

3.Select a file and click Send file to ESET LiveGuard to schedule the client task that sends the file from the client machine to the ESET cloud.




You can submit a sample from machines where ESET LiveGuard Advanced is not active.

Results for these files are not delivered to the user, but they are distributed via ESET LiveGrid®.

The manual upload is available only when ESET LiveGrid® system is enabled on the machine.