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Tags and object tagging

Tagging is a powerful feature that can be used for classification and serve mainly as an additional form of filtering. ESET Inspect enables you to tag most of the objects (computers, detections, incidents, executables, scripts, rules, exclusions, blocked hashes, tasks, and event filters). You can think of tags as virtual sticky notes or bookmarks. Utilizing the tags gives you the advantage to quickly sort, filter or find objects you need. Then you can take action or further process those objects.

To manage tags, click the expander tag_panel icon to display the list of existing tags. In Computers view, click the three_dots icon to access the tags panel. You can use the magnifying glass to search for a specific tag (if the tag name is too long, or you cannot find it).

Use the Tags selector (arrow icon) and choose a tag(s) to activate the filter on the listed objects. The results now contain only objects with selected tags (highlighted in blue).


Create a new tag by typing a name, then click Apply.


You can assign or unassign tag(s) to one or more objects. Also, you can assign multiple tags to a single object. Remove a tag by clicking the X, then click Apply.

Tags are synchronized between ESET Inspect and ESET PROTECT.