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Get started with ESET Inspect Web Console

The following parts should help you get started with ESET Inspect:

Navigate the ESET Inspect Web Console

Look at what you can do with ESET Inspect Web Console.

Learning mode / Questions

Enable to allow the Rule learning mode automatically suggest exclusions. The exclusions will appear in Questions for you to review. If you decide to enable the Learning mode later, go to More > Settings > Rule learning mode.

Optimize your ESET Inspect

Before you begin fully using it, carry out recommended tweaks to optimize your ESET Inspect.


Gives you statistical information and a quick overview of security activities within your environment. Enables you to identify what may require your attention. The dashboard also includes the current status of ESET Inspect.

ESET Inspect Detections in ESET PROTECT - Reporting and Management

The great advantage of ESET Inspect being interconnected with ESET PROTECT is that it enables you to manage detections directly from ESET PROTECT.