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Enable encryption wizard

You can start encryption on a specific managed workstation from the Computers screen from the context menu -> Enable Encryption, or from the Computers Details of the selected workstation -> Show Details -> Overview -> Encryption tile -> Encrypt computer.


Inside the Enable Encryption wizard:

1.Select the EFDE Configuration Policy you want to use.

2.Select the check box next to Install ESET Full Disk Encryption if needed if the EFDE client is not already installed on the workstation.

3.The Product/Version is selected based on the workstation OS.


If you are using ESET Security Management Center, you must select the Product/Version you want to include in the installer. Except for specific cases, it is always recommended to use the latest available version of the product.

4.Select the EFDE license you want to use.

5.Select the Language of the installer and product that will be installed.

6.Select the check box to agree with the EULA and Privacy Policy.

7.Click Start Encryption to initialize the encryption process on the workstation.