How to enable and configure ESET Full Disk Encryption

You can configure ESET Full Disk Encryption settings via policy in ESET Security Management Center, ESET PROTECT or ESET PROTECT Cloud: select Policies > New Policy > Settings > select the product ESET Full Disk Encryption from the drop-down menu.

Here you can create your desired EFDE configuration:



Policy options available for macOS are marked with efde_policy_macos.

1.Under Encryption options -> Full Disk Encryption enable the Enable Encryption setting. This setting alone enables/disables encryption on the managed workstation.

2.Decide, under Encryption Options if you want to Encrypt All Disks or to Encrypt Boot Disk Only.

3.Select, if you want to use Trusted Platform Module support (TPM) or OPAL Self-encrypting drive support (OPAL) for your encryption, based on the hardware available on the managed workstations.

4.Under Password Policies -> User Password Requirements specify what will be the requirements for the pre-boot password the user will use to login to his workstation.

5.Lastly, under User Interface -> User Interface Elements, you can specify the behavior of the EFDE client that will be running on the workstations.


Do not Assign the policy for now, and just save it by clicking Finish.

In the next step, you need to deploy the EFDE client on the workstations before you can start the encryption.


See the full description of configuration options for ESET Full Disk Encryption:

Password Policies

Encryption Options

User Interface