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EFDE Software Install task


If you work with Apple M1 Mac, ensure you installed Rosetta.

EFDE Client can be deployed to a managed workstation or a group of workstations by execution Software Install task.

1.Click Tasks -> New -> Client Task.

2.Specify the Name and Description of the task for better and easier identification.

3.Select the Operating System from Task Category drop-down menu.

4.Select the Software Install from Task drop-down menu.


5.Click Continue.

6.Click Choose Package and select the ESET Full Disk Encryption product (for Windows) or ESET Full Disk Encryption for macOS (for macOS).

7.Select the EFDE license you want to use.

8.Select the check box to agree with the EULA and Privacy Policy.


9.Click Finish, and in the notification window, select Create Trigger.

10.Inside the Target section, select Add Computers to select individual workstations where the product will be installed.

11. Specify the Trigger, when the task will be executed and click Finish to proceed to the task execution.


After the task is successfully executed, in the next step, you will need to Enable Encryption on the target workstation.