User States

User status is shown by colors, each signifying the operational state of the user. The colors are as shown below.

icon_user_unlicensed  Light grey

The user has no licence.

Only the user details have been defined on the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server (EEE Server) but cannot yet be managed. To manage the user, an activation code must be generated (which will licence the user if they are not already licenced) and they must then be activated upon a workstation.


icon_user_licensed  Blue

The user has a licence, but is not active on any workstation.

The user has been defined and licenced, but the activation on a workstation has not yet been completed. The user must enter their activation code into a workstation, then the EEE Server must proxy sync to retrieve details of that workstation.


icon_user_active  Green

The user is active and matches the EEE Server settings.

The user is up to date and no changes need implementing. The settings shown in the EEE Server relating to the user, their encryption keys and the group policy of the parent team, match the settings the user has on each of their workstations.


icon_user_ownkeys  Purple

The user is active and has additional keys.

Other keys have been allocated to this user in addition to the key set inherited for the team. The purple color implies the user is activated and up to date (see Green above) so no new Key-file needs to be issued. But the different color signifies their status in having non inherited encryption keys. See: User Specific Encryption Groups


icon_user_dirty  Red

The user requires an updated Key-File.

Changes have been made to the group policy, or encryption keys, and the EEE Server is out of sync with the user's actual settings. You must send an update Key-File to reconcile the settings on the user's workstation with the settings in the EEE Server.


icon_user_updatepending  Orange

The user has an update pending.

An update has been posted to the user but has not yet been implemented at the client machine. This might be a change that removes an update state (Red), or it might be some other command. You can see the update in question in the Updates panel for the user. Please note, that the user will remain in this state until all updates have been processed, across all activated workstations. Or until superseded by a change that make the user as requiring an update (Red) again.


icon_user_orphan  Dark Grey

The user was orphaned from an Active Directory.

The user was originally imported from an Active Directory, but the associated directory account has since been removed. A licence is still being used by this user so if this is now redundant you may delete the user after first taking any necessary steps to deactivate them from any workstations. However, if the licence is still required, you can unlink it from the directory and the user will turn blue or green.