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Workstation states

Workstation states are shown by a combination of two icon colors. Firstly, the main color of the workstation icon, followed optionally by the color of second shield overlay icon to indicate Full Disk Encryption (FDE) status.

Workstation states

icon_workstation_inactive  Grey

Workstation not activated

The workstation has either not yet been activated by a user, or it was activated and has since been deactivated. The workstation cannot be managed by the ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) Server in this state, whether it has the ESET Endpoint Encryption software installed on it or not.


icon_workstation_active  Blue

Workstation activated and up to date

The workstation has an active user, and is up to date with the policy defined in the EEE Server


icon_workstation_updatepending  Orange

Workstation has update pending

The workstation has an active user, and is up to date with the policy defined in the EEE Server, but there is an update that has been posted to the workstation which has not yet been processed.


icon_workstation_dirty  Red

Workstation requires policy update

Workstation policy has been changed on the EEE Server, and this is now out of sync with the policy currently on the workstation. The workstation requires an update to reconcile the workstation policy on the machine with the settings shown in the EEE Server.


FDE States

icon_workstation_fde_complete  Green Tick

Workstation is fully Full Disk Encrypted

The workstation has completed a Full Disk Encryption process.


icon_workstation_fde_progress  Orange Octagon

Workstation is encrypting, or pending encryption

The workstation has been posted a Full Disk Encryption command but it has not yet reported completion. This could mean it has yet to start, or it is currently processing the command.


icon_workstation_fde_alert  Red Triangle

Workstation has reported an alert during FDE

The workstation is not Full Disk Encrypted or undergoing a Full Disk Encryption procedure.