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This panel allows control of logins to the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server console. Logins can be created, renamed or destroyed, login settings can be changed, and access to individual organisations can be granted or denied.

Selecting a login will show various options, such as:

Assigned role,

Currently logged in status,

Last login date

Last login host

Password age (last password change date)

Account status (locked, must change password etc).


Create Login

To add a new user, follow the steps below:

1.Select Logins.

2.Click Create.

3.Provide the login name, password, password confirmation and the role (based on an existing role, use the dropdown arrow to select).

4.Click Create.

The new user will be added.

Logout User

If a user is currently logged in, you may forcibly disconnect them by clicking the Logout button. This will expire their session causing the user to be redirected to the login page. Any operation they are currently performing may be aborted.

Reset Password

If a user has forgotten their password, or you want to change it for some reason, it may be reset by clicking the Set Password button. By default, this is a System Admin only permission so may not be available for all users. to change your own password, you should use the Change Password feature in the My Account section of the control panel.

Edit Login

To edit a login, select the login and click the Edit Login button.

To change the login role, select an available role from the list.

To lock an account, so the user cannot login, check the Account Locked box. To unlock a lock account, clear the check.

To force a user to change their password before they can login, check the Must Change Password box. At their next login attempt, the user will be forced to change their password before login is granted.

To exempt the password from password age checks, as defined in password policy, check the Password never expires check box.

Modify allowed organisations

Once a user has been created, you will need to define the organizations they can access, unless they are a system administrator who will automatically have access to all organizations.

1.Select the user whose access you want to change (additional information will be displayed for the user)

2.In the right hand panel you will see a list of allowed organizations (none will be displaying for a new user)

3.Click Grant

4.The "Grant Access to Organisation" selection window will appear.

5.Select the required Organisation and click Grant.

6.Organization will be added to the users permitted list.


If required, once you have a user selected you can also deny access to an organization, change the authorization level of the user or change their password.

If the user is defined as a system admin role, they automatically have access to all organizations.

Delete Login

If required you can also delete an existing login.

1.Select the login to be deleted.

2.Click Delete.


See more information about adding additional FDE login.