Proactive protection

About the function

Each file you download using a supported web browser or email client is analyzed by product. Suspicious files are submitted to the ESET cloud for advanced analysis by ESET Dynamic Threat Defense.

Supported products

This function is available only for products running on Windows.

ESET security products

Web browsers

Mail Clients

ESET Endpoint Security 7.2 and later

MS Internet Explorer

MS Outlook

ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.2 and later

MS Edge

Mozilla Thunderbird



MS Mail








Brave Browser



You can configure the proactive protection settings using a policy in ESMC.

Navigate to ESET Endpoint for Windows policy settings > Detection Engine > Cloud-based protection > ESET Dynamic Threat Defense > Action when file is downloaded via browser or email client.

Allow immediate execution - The user can execute the file even if it is still in the analysis. When the result of the analysis is delivered, the ESET product acts accordingly.

Wait for the analysis result - The user needs to wait until the analysis of the file is complete to execute the file.



Using Proactive protection

When a suspicious file is downloaded, Windows may display a warning when running the file for the first time. ESET product displays information about the file being analyzed. If the analysis is completed before you execute the file for the first time, the File in analysis notice is not displayed.
Depending on your configuration (see the chapter above), Windows allows or denies running the file during the analysis.



Result of analysis

The result is delivered in time

In the configuration, you can set the maximum wait time for the analysis. Result delivered within this time is displayed on the screen:

the file is safe:

the file is malicious and blocked:


The result could not be delivered in time

If the analysis is taking longer than the maximum wait time, the file is released for use, and you are informed about the ongoing analysis.


If the analysis proves the file to be malicious, ESET product displays warning and acts accordingly.