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ESET PROTECT components and architecture

To perform a complete deployment of the ESET security solutions portfolio, the following components must be installed:

ESET PROTECT Server (controls the communication with client computers)

ESET PROTECT Web Console (browser-based user interface for the ESET PROTECT Server)

ESET Management Agent (deployed on client computers, communicates with ESET PROTECT Server)

The following supporting components are optional, we recommend that you install them for best performance of the application on the network:

ESET Bridge (HTTP Proxy)

RD Sensor (can detect unmanaged computers on the network)


See also Certificates and ESET PROTECT component structure.


The ESET PROTECT Server is the application that processes all data received from clients that connect to the Server (through the ESET Management Agent).


The ESET Management Agent is an essential part of ESET PROTECT. Client computers do not communicate with the Server directly, rather the Agent facilitates this communication. The Agent collects information from the client and sends it to the ESET PROTECT Server. If the ESET PROTECT Server sends a task to the client, it is sent to the Agent which then sends this task to the ESET endpoint product running on the client.

Web Console

ESET PROTECT Web Console is a browser-based user interface that allows you to manage ESET security solutions in your environment. It displays an overview of the status of clients on your network and can be used to deploy ESET solutions to unmanaged computers remotely. If you choose to make the web server accessible from the internet, you can use ESET PROTECT from virtually any place and device.

ESET Bridge (HTTP Proxy)

You can use ESET Bridge with ESET PROTECT as a Proxy service to:

Download and cache: ESET module updates, installation and update packages pushed by ESET PROTECT (for example, ESET Endpoint Security MSI installer), ESET security product updates (component and product updates), ESET LiveGuard results.

Forward communication from ESET Management Agents to ESET PROTECT.

Read the ESET Bridge Online Help for more details about the ESET Bridge installation and configuration.


Apache HTTP Proxy users

Starting with ESET PROTECT 10.0, ESET Bridge replaces Apache HTTP Proxy. Apache HTTP Proxy has reached Limited Support. If you use Apache HTTP Proxy, we recommend migrating to ESET Bridge.

Rogue Detection Sensor

Rogue Detection Sensor (RD Sensor) searches your network for computers not registered in ESET PROTECT. This component can locate new computers and add them in ESET PROTECT automatically.


Rogue Detection Sensor can take up to 24 hours to locate new computers on your network.

Newly discovered machines are listed in a pre-defined report, making it easy to deploy ESET Management Agent to them, assign them to specific static groups and manage them via tasks and policies.