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Since ESET PROTECT is a complex product that uses several third-party tools and supports many OS platforms, there is the potential that you will encounter issues that require troubleshooting.

ESET documentation includes several methods to troubleshoot ESET PROTECT. See Answers to common installation issues to resolve some common issues with ESET PROTECT. See also the known issues for ESET business products.

Unable to resolve your issue?

Each ESET PROTECT component has a log file that you can configure to be more or less verbose. Review logs to identify errors that might explain the issue you are having.

Logging verbosity of each component is set in its policy > Advanced Settings > Logging > Trace log verbosity - Set the log verbosity to determine the level of information that will be collected and logged, from Trace (informational) to Fatal (most important critical information).

oESET Management Agent policy - The policy must be applied to the device to take effect. To enable full ESET Management Agent logging in the trace.log file, create a dummy file named traceAll without an extension in the same folder as a trace.log and then restart the computer (to restart the ESET Management Agent service).

oESET PROTECT Server Settings

oESET Mobile Device Connector policy - The policy must be applied to the device to take effect. See also MDM troubleshooting.

If you cannot resolve your issue, you can visit the ESET Security Forum and consult the ESET community for information about issues you may encounter.

When contacting ESET Technical Support, you may be asked to collect log files using ESET Log Collector or Diagnostic Tool. We strongly recommend that you include logs when contacting support to speed up your customer care service request.