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Upgrade ESET PROTECT components in offline environment

Follow these steps to upgrade your ESET PROTECT components and ESET Endpoint products without access to the Internet:


Use of the Components Upgrade task for an offline environment is possible when:

There is an offline repository available.

Location of the repository for ESET Management Agent is configured using a policy to an accessible location.

Perform an upgrade of ESET PROTECT Server and Web Console

1.Check which version of ESET management console is running on the server.

2.Download the latest All-in-one installer for Windows or the latest standalone ESET PROTECT component installers for Linux from the ESET Download site.

3.Perform an upgrade of ESET PROTECT Server and ESET PROTECT Web Console:

Windows - Upgrade using the All-in-one installer

Linux - Manual component-based upgrade


The Web Console and Apache Tomcat upgrade clears the Offline help files. If you used Offline help with ESMC or an older ESET PROTECT version, re-create it for ESET PROTECT 9.0 after upgrading to ensure that you have the latest Offline help matching your ESET PROTECT version.

Continue with the offline upgrade of ESET endpoint products

1.See which ESET products are installed on clients: Open ESET PROTECT Web Console and navigate to Dashboard > ESET applications.

2.Make sure you have the latest versions of ESET endpoint products.

3.Download installers from the ESET Download site to the local repository configured during offline installation.

4.Run a Software Install task from ESET PROTECT Web Console.