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MDM iOS licensing functionality

Since ESET does not offer an application on the Apple App Store, ESET Mobile Device Connector stores all licensing details for iOS devices.

Licenses are per-device and can be activated using a Product Activation Task (same as Android).

iOS licenses can be deactivated in the following ways:

Removal of the device from the management via a Stop managing task

Uninstallation of MDC via the Remove database option

Deactivation by other means (ESET PROTECT On-Prem or EBA deactivation)

Because MDC communicates with ESET licensing servers on behalf of iOS devices, EBA portal reflects the state of MDC and not the state of individual devices. Current device information is always available in ESET PROTECT Web Console.

Devices that are not activated or devices with expired licenses will display a red protection status and the "Product is not activated" message. These devices will refuse to handle tasks, set policies and deliver non-critical logs.

During uninstallation of MDM, if Do not remove the database is selected, licenses used will not be deactivated. These licenses can be reused if MDM is reinstalled on this database, removed via ESET PROTECT On-Prem or by EBA deactivation. When moving to another MDM server, you will need to perform the Product Activation Task again.