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macOS is supported as a client only. The ESET Management Agent and ESET products for macOS can be installed on macOS. However, ESET PROTECT Server cannot be installed on macOS.

Operating System


macOS Catalina (10.15)

9.x—10.x, 11.0

macOS Big Sur (11.0)

9.x—10.x, 11.0

macOS Monterey (12.0)

9.x—10.x, 11.0

macOS Ventura (13.0)

9.x—10.x, 11.0

macOS Sonoma (14.0)

10.1, 11.0

The Support Policy Category B in the ESET End of Life Policy determines the support level (Full Support/Limited Support/End of Life) and the support end dates for the ESET Management Agent: