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Uninstall ESET Management Agent

The ESET Management Agent can be uninstalled in several ways.

Remote uninstallation using ESET PROTECT Web Console

1.Log in to ESET PROTECT Web Console.

2.From the Computers pane, select a computer from which you want to remove the ESET Management Agent and click New Task.

Alternatively, select multiple computers by selecting the corresponding check boxes and then click Computer > Tasks > New Task.

3.Type a Name for the task.

4.From the Task category drop-down menu select ESET PROTECT On-Prem.

5.From the Task drop-down menu select Stop Managing (Uninstall ESET Management Agent).


When you uninstall the ESET Management Agent from the client computer, the device is no longer managed by ESET PROTECT On-Prem:

ESET security product may retain some settings after the ESET Management Agent has been uninstalled.

If the ESET Management Agent is password-protected, you must provide the password to uninstall, repair or upgrade (with changes). We recommend that you reset some settings that you do not want to keep (for example, password protection) to default settings using a policy before the device is removed from management.

All tasks running on the Agent will be abandoned. The Running, Finished or Failed execution status of this task may not be displayed accurately in ESET PROTECT Web Console depending on replication.

After the Agent is uninstalled, you can manage your security product via the integrated EGUI or eShell.

6.Review the task Summary and click Finish.

7.Click Create Trigger to specify when this Client Task should be executed and on what Targets.

Local uninstallation - Windows


See also the instructions for local uninstallation of ESET Management Agent on Linux or macOS.

For Agent uninstallation troubleshooting, see ESET Management Agent uninstallation troubleshooting.

1.Connect to the endpoint computer where you want to remove the ESET Management Agent (for example via RDP).

2.Navigate to Control Panel > Programs and Features and double-click ESET Management Agent.

3.Click Next > Remove and follow the uninstallation instructions.


If you have set up a password using a policy for your ESET Management Agents, you have these options:

You will need to type the password during uninstallation.

Unassign the policy first before uninstalling ESET Management Agent.

Redeploy ESET Management Agent over an existing password protected Agent (a Knowledgebase article).