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Linux - Upgrade, reinstall or uninstall ESET PROTECT components

If you want to reinstall or upgrade to a more recent version, run the installation script again.

To uninstall a component (in this case ESET PROTECT Server), run the installer with the --uninstall parameter, as shown below:

sudo ./ --uninstall --keep-database

If you want to uninstall other component, use appropriate package name in the command. For example ESET Management Agent:

sudo ./ --uninstall



Configuration and database files will be removed during uninstallation. To preserve database files, create a SQL dump of the database or use the --keep-database parameter.

After uninstalling, verify whether

the service eraserver is deleted.

the folder /etc/opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Server/ is deleted.


We recommend that you create a database dump backup before performing uninstallation if you need to restore your data.

For more information on reinstalling the Agent, see the related chapter.

For Agent uninstallation troubleshooting, see ESET Management Agent uninstallation troubleshooting.