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Mobile Device Connector

ESET PROTECT Mobile Device Connector is a component that allows for Mobile Device Management with ESET PROTECT, permitting you to manage mobile devices (Android and iOS) and administer ESET Endpoint Security for Android.


ESET PROTECT Mobile Device Management/Connector (MDM/MDC) component (on-premises only) reached End of Life in January 2024. Read more. We recommend that you migrate to Cloud MDM.


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We recommend that you deploy your MDM component on a host device separate from the one ESET PROTECT Server is hosted on.

The recommended hardware preconditions for approximately 80 managed mobile devices are:


Recommended configuration


4 cores, 2.5 GHz


4 GB (recommended)


100 GB

For more than 80 managed mobile devices, the hardware requirements are not much higher. The latency between sending the task from the ESET PROTECT and the execution of the task on the mobile device will increase proportionally to number of devices in your environment.

Follow the MDM installation instructions for Windows (All-in-one installer or component installation) or Linux.