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Rogue Detection Sensor

Rogue Detection Sensor (RD Sensor) is a rogue system detector tool that searches your network for computers. The Sensor is convenient because it can locate new computers from ESET PROTECT without the need to search and add them manually. Discovered machines are immediately located and reported in a pre-defined report, allowing you to move them to specific static groups and proceed with management tasks.

RD Sensor actively listens to ARP broadcasts. When RD Sensor detects a new active network component, RD Sensor sends ARP unicasts, performs the host fingerprinting (using several ports) and sends information about the detected computers to the ESET PROTECT Server. ESET PROTECT Server then evaluates whether the PCs found on the network are unknown to ESET PROTECT Server or already managed.

You cannot disable the host fingerprinting because it is the main functionality of RD Sensor.


If there are multiple network segments, Rogue Detection Sensor must be installed separately on each network segment to produce a comprehensive list of all devices on the whole network.

Every computer within the network structure (domain, LDAP, Windows network) is added to ESET PROTECT Server 's computers list automatically via a server synchronization task. Using RD sensor is a convenient way to find computers that are not in the domain or other network structure and add them to ESET PROTECT Server. RD Sensor remembers computers that are already discovered and will not send the same information twice.