Apache HTTP Proxy

Apache HTTP Proxy is a proxy service that can be used to distribute updates to client computers.

Using Apache HTTP Proxy offers the following benefits:

Downloads and caches:

odetection engine updates

oactivation tasks - communication with activation servers and caching of license requests

oESET PROTECT Cloud repository data

oproduct component updates

oand then distributes them to endpoint clients on your network.

Decreases internet traffic on your network.

Compared to the Mirror Tool, which downloads all available data on ESET update servers, Apache HTTP Proxy downloads only data requested by ESET PROTECT Cloud components or ESET endpoint products to reduce network load. If an endpoint client requests an update, Apache HTTP Proxy downloads it from ESET update servers, saves the update to its cache directory and serves it to the particular endpoint client. If another endpoint client requests the same update, Apache HTTP Proxy serves the download to the client directly from cache, so there is no additional download from ESET update servers.


You can use a proxy chain, to add another proxy service to a remote location. Note that ESET PROTECT Cloud does not support proxy chaining when proxies require authentication. You can use your own transparent web proxy solution, however there may be additional configuration required beyond what is mentioned here.