User actions and user details

To manage a user, select the applicable user and select one of the available actions:


details_default Show Details - View user details.

audit_log Audit Log - View the Audit Log for all users.

selected_user Audit Log for selected user - View the Audit Log for the selected user.

icon_tags Tags - Edit tags (assign, unassign, create, delete).

change_default Assign permission sets - Assign a permission set to the user.

edit_default Edit - Edit user settings.

delete_default Delete - Delete the user.


Two-Factor Authentication

apply_default Enable - Enable the Two-Factor Authentication for the user.

remove_default Disable - Disable the exisitng Two-Factor Authentication for the user.

restart_default Reset - Reset the Two-Factor Authentication settings for the user.

unlock_default Unlock - If the user has been locked, you can unlock the user using this setting.


Access Rights

move_default Access Group > move_default Move - Move the user to another Static Group.



User details

There are two sections in user details:

Overview - Basic information about the user. You can manage the user using the Actions and Two-Factor Authentication buttons at the bottom.

Permission Sets - The list of permission sets assigned to the user. Click a permission set to manage it.