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Introduction to ESET PROTECT

Welcome to ESET PROTECT version 9.0. ESET PROTECT allows you to manage ESET products on workstations, servers and mobile devices in a networked environment from one central location. Using the ESET PROTECT Web Console, you can deploy ESET solutions, manage tasks, enforce security policies, monitor system status and quickly respond to problems or detections on remote computers. See also ESET PROTECT architecture and infrastructure elements overview, Getting started with ESET PROTECT Web Console, and Supported Desktop Provisioning Environments.

ESET PROTECT is made up of the following components:

ESET PROTECT Server - ESET PROTECT Server can be installed on Windows as well as Linux servers and also comes as a Virtual Appliance. It handles communication with Agents and collects and stores application data in the database.

ESET PROTECT Web Console - ESET PROTECT Web Console is the primary interface that allows you to manage client computers in your environment. It displays an overview of the status of clients on your network and allows you to deploy ESET solutions to unmanaged computers remotely. After you install ESET PROTECT Server, you can access the Web Console using your web browser. If you choose to make the web server available via the Internet, you can use ESET PROTECT from any place or device with an Internet connection. You can install the ESET PROTECT Web Console on a different computer than the computer running the ESET PROTECT Server.

ESET Management Agent - The ESET Management Agent facilitates communication between the ESET PROTECT Server and client computers. The Agent must be installed on client computer to establish communication between that computer and the ESET PROTECT Server. Because it is located on the client computer and can store multiple security scenarios, use of the ESET Management Agent significantly lowers reaction time to new detections. Using ESET PROTECT Web Console, you can deploy the ESET Management Agent to unmanaged computers identified by Active Directory or ESET RD Sensor. You can also manually install the ESET Management Agent on client computers if necessary.

Rogue Detection Sensor - The ESET PROTECT Rogue Detection (RD) Sensor detects unmanaged computers present on your network and sends their information to the ESET PROTECT Server. This allows you to add new client computers to your secured network easily. The RD Sensor remembers computers that have been discovered and will not send the same information twice.

Apache HTTP Proxy - Is a service that can be used in combination with ESET PROTECT to:

oDistribute updates to client computers and installation packages to the ESET Management Agent.

oForward communication from ESET Management Agents to the ESET PROTECT Server.

Mobile Device Connector - Is a component that allows for Mobile Device Management with ESET PROTECT, permitting you to manage mobile devices (Android and iOS) and administer ESET Endpoint Security for Android.

ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance - The ESET PROTECT VA is intended for users who want to run ESET PROTECT in a virtualized environment.

Mirror Tool - The Mirror Tool is necessary for offline module updates. If your client computers do not have an internet connection, you can use the Mirror Tool to download update files from ESET update servers and store them locally.

ESET Remote Deployment Tool - This tool serves to deploy All-in-one packages created in the ESET PROTECT Web Console. It is a convenient way to distribute ESET Management Agent with an ESET product on computers over a network.

ESET Business Account - The new licensing portal for ESET business products allows you to manage licenses. See the ESET Business Account section of this document for instructions to activate your product, or see the ESET Business Account User Guide for more information about using the ESET Business Account. If you already have an ESET-issued Username and Password that you want to convert to a License Key, visit the Convert legacy license credentials section.

ESET Inspect - A comprehensive Endpoint Detection and Response system that includes features such as: incident detection, incident management and response, data collection, indicators of compromise detection, anomaly detection, behavior detection and policy violations.


ESET Enterprise Inspector and ESET Dynamic Threat Defense have been renamed to ESET Inspect and ESET LiveGuard Advanced.