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Download Agent from ESET website

Download the ESET Management Agent installation package from the ESET website. Select the appropriate package depending on the client computer's OS:

Linux—server-assisted and offline installation



oServer assisted installation—using the Agent installation package, this method downloads certificates from the ESET PROTECT Server automatically (recommended for local deployment).



You cannot use a user with two-factor authentication for server-assisted installations.

If you decide to allow Server assisted installation by another user, ensure the following permissions are set:

oThe user must have Use permission for the Certification Authority that signed the server 's peer certificate and Use permission for at least one peer certificate. If no such certificate exists, the user will need Write permission to create a new one.

oWrite permission for the static group where the user wants to add the computer.


oOffline installation—using the Agent installation package. You must manually export certificates and apply them in this deployment method.

Check the status log on the client machine (located at C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Logs\status.html) to ensure ESET Management Agent is working properly.



If there are problems with the Agent (for example, it is not connecting to the ESET PROTECT Server), see section Troubleshooting - Agent deployment.