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ESET Micro Updates is intended for customers who manage ESET products in closed networks without the internet connection or with a limited internet connection. By default, ESET client workstations check for updates on an hourly basis. ESET Micro Updates provide a user with an option to manually download and distribute updates across the whole network. The client workstations can either obtain these updates over the internet directly from ESET’s update servers, or from a locally managed update source.

ESET Micro Updates is suitable for industries with insufficient internet access (GPRS, satellite, radio) as well as those with strict update policies. In such environments, it is still important to keep security updates, and detection engine with the newest algorithms up-to-date, while balancing the cost and availability of an internet connection.


Limited modules availability

To save bandwidth ESET Micro Updates does not provide updates for all modules, only detection engine (em000 – em005; loader, perseus, engine, archives, heuristics, cleaner). It does not contain an update of any other modules to save as much bandwidth as possible. This means incomplete protection and may cause security warnings from ESET products.

How to use

  1. Download the PDF version of this user guide if needed.
  2. Verify the Requirements.
  3. Proceed with Setup and maintenance.

For more information, read about Alternatives to ESET Micro Updates. If you need additional assistance, see Help and support.