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Submit sample for analysis

If you find a suspicious file on your computer or a suspicious site on the internet, you can submit it to the ESET Research Lab for analysis.


ESET LiveGrid® feedback system must be enabled

1.In the Web interface, click Setup > Detection Engine > Cloud-based protection.

2.Enable Enable ESET LiveGrid® feedback system, click Save.

To submit a sample for analysis:

1.Click Help or Sent Files, then click Submit sample for analysis.

2.Select a Reason for submitting the sample.

Suspicious file: A file that cannot be cleaned during a scan or has unusual characteristics

Suspicious site: A website infected by malware

False positive site: A website falsely identified as infected by malware

False positive file: A file falsely identified as malware


3.Add the site address or file path.

4.Type your email address or select Submit anonymously.

5.Click Next.

6.Provide additional information.

7.Click Send.

You can also submit quarantined files for analysis.