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Sent files

ESET Server Security for Linux version 8.1 and later provides an overview of files submitted for analysis to ESET LiveGrid® or ESET LiveGuard Advanced.

Suspicious files are automatically submitted for analysis to ESET LiveGrid®. If you enable ESET LiveGuard Advanced, manually submitted files for analysis are sent to ESET LiveGuard Advanced only. However, some automatically submitted files may still be sent to ESET LiveGrid®.

You can also submit suspicious files or sites for analysis manually. It takes a few minutes for manually submitted files to be displayed in the list.

To view the list of files submitted for analysis, log in to the Web interface and click Sent Files. Alternatively, execute either of the following commands from a Terminal window as a privileged user:

/opt/eset/efs/bin/lslog -n


/opt/eset/efs/bin/lslog --sent-files

If you wanted to create a temporary detection exclusion for a file sent for analysis, click the file to copy its path or hash.