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An Active Directory domain, local area network or publicly available Authentication Server is required to install ESET Secure Authentication (ESA).

The minimum supported functional level for an Active Directory domain is Windows 2000 Native. Only Windows DNS is supported if installing ESA in Active Directory Integration mode.

If you use a custom DNS in your Active Directory environment, you must create an SRV record in your DNS before installing the Authentication Server using the following information:

Type: SRV

Name: _esetsecauth

Protocol: _tcp

Port number: Use the port number you configured for the Domain port during the Authentication Server installation. The default Domain port number is 8000.

Host: <hostname>:<domain>. If ESA's prerequisite check regarding Active Directory DNS fails, the correct name will be displayed.

Verify the availability of an SRV record by running the following command from a Windows computer within your Active Directory environment:

nslookup -type=SRV _esetsecauth._tcp

At least one instance of Authentication Server is essential in your domain/network; select it during the first installation of ESA on your server (main computer). Should you select a component that cannot be installed, the installer will inform you of the exact prerequisites that are not met.

ESA components can communicate with the Authentication Server via both IPv4 and IPv6.

If installing ESA in Standalone mode, ensure ESA components and the Authentication Server will see (ping) each other.


Limited support for end-of-life third-party products

ESET Secure Authentication provides limited support for compatible third-party products that reached the end of their support lifecycle.