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Installation of Reporting Engine (Elasticsearch) fails

Installation fails when installing the Reporting Engine (Elasticsearch) on a machine with less than 2GB free RAM.

Applies to ESET Secure Authentication version

New installation of Authentication Server and Elasticsearch

1."Installing Elasticsearch service..." displays for a one minute.

2.The rollback process starts.

3."Installation failed" message displays.

At this point, the Authentication Server and the Reporting Engine are not functional.


Change existing installation of Authentication Server

1."Installing Elasticsearch service..." displays for one minute.

2."Installation failed" massage displays.

At this point, only the Authentication Server remains functional.


In both cases, it is essential to remove the elasticsearch-service-x64 service from Windows services.

1.Click the Start menu, type cmd.

2.Right-click Command Prompt in the search result, select Run as administrator.

3.Run the following command:

sc delete elasticsearch-service-x64