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I received a connection error


Instead of Access-Accept, you experience the following:


Steps to resolve

1.Ensure that you have created the dummy RADIUS client with the correct IP address, as per the instructions in the section Configure your RADIUS Server. Verify that your ESA RADIUS Service is in the Started state.

2.Ensure that you have typed the correct details into NTRadPing, as per the screenshot in section Verify functionality (localhost).

3.Verify that your RADIUS server is listening on the correct port. Launch a command prompt and run the following command:

 netstat –a –p UDP –b  C:\temp.txt

4.Open the file C:\temp.txt and verify that the following entries exist for your RADIUS server:

 Proto  Local Address                  Foreign Address                State

 UDP                           *:*


5.If none of the above solve the issue, contact ESET Customer Care and provide them with your RADIUS logfile, located in C:\ProgramData\ESET Secure Authentication\logs.