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I received an Access-Reject


You receive the following response:


Steps to resolve

Verify the following:

1.Ensure you have typed Alice’s password into the Password field correctly. Retry by clicking the Send button again.

2.Ensure that Alice’s AD password is indeed what you are typing in. Reset the password if necessary.

3.Verify that in the WEB Console, Alice does not have any 2FA methods enabled, ensure that Mobile Application and SMS OTPs are NOT selected.

4.Ensure that Alice is not locked out, and unlock the account if neccesary.

5.Double check your RADIUS configuration and your NTRadPing configuration.

6.If after completing the steps above you issue is still not resolved, contact ESET Customer Care and provide them with your RADIUS logfile, located in C:\ProgramData\ESET Secure Authentication\logs.