Disable GUI on Terminal Server

This chapter describes how to disable the GUI of ESET Mail Security running on Windows Terminal Server for user sessions.

Normally, the ESET Mail Security GUI starts up every time a remote user logs onto the server and creates a terminal session. This is usually undesirable on Terminal Servers. If you want to turn off the GUI for terminal sessions, you can do so via eShell by running set ui ui gui-start-mode none command. This will put the GUI into terminal mode. These are the two available modes for GUI startup:

set ui ui gui-start-mode full

set ui ui gui-start-mode none

If you want to find out what mode is currently in use, run the command get ui ui gui-start-mode.


If you have installed ESET Mail Security on a Citrix server, we recommend that you use the settings described in our Knowledgebase article exlink.