General settings

You can configure general settings and options based on your needs. The menu on the left includes the following categories:

Enable or disable detection of potentially unwanted, unsafe, suspicious application and Anti-Stealth protection. Specify exclusions of processes or files and folders. Configure Real-time file system protection, ThreatSense parameters, Cloud-based protection (ESET LiveGrid®), Malware scans (On-demand computer scan and other scan options), Hyper-V scan and HIPS.

Configure update options such as profiles, detection engine age, snapshots for module rollback, update type, custom update server, connection/proxy server, update mirror, access to update files, HTTP server, user account details for network connection, etc.

Enables you to configure Protocol filtering and exclusions (Excluded applications and IP addresses), SSL/TLS protocol filtering options, Email client protection (integration, email protocols, alerts and notifications), Web access protection (HTTP/HTTPS web protocols and URL address management) and email client Anti-Phishing protection.

Enable integration and configure Device control Rules and Groups.

Allows you to customize tools, such as ESET CMD, ESET RMM, WMI provider, ESET PROTECT scan tragets, Windows Update notifications, Log files, Proxy server, Email notifications, Diagnostics, Cluster, etc.

Configure the behavior of the program's GUI, Statuses, License information, Alerts and notifications, Password protection, eShell execution policy, etc.