Access setup

For maximum security of your system, it is essential that ESET Mail Security is correctly configured. Any unqualified modifications may result in issues or even a loss of important data. To avoid unqualified modifications, you can have your ESET Mail Security configuration password protected.


If you are uninstalling ESET Mail Security while using access setup password protection, you will be prompted to enter the password. You will otherwise not be able to uninstall ESET Mail Security.

Password protect settings

Locks/unlocks the program's setup parameters. Click to open the Password setup window.

Set password

To set or change a password to protect setup parameters, click Set. To protect the setup parameters of ESET Mail Security in order to avoid unauthorized modification, a new password must be set. When you want to change an existing password, type your old password in the Old password field, enter your new password in the New password and Confirm password fields and then click OK. This password will be required for any future modifications to ESET Mail Security.

Require full administrator rights for limited administrator accounts

Select this option to prompt the current user (who does not have administrator's rights) to enter administrator account credentials when modifying certain parameters, such as disabling protection modules.


If the Access Setup password changes and you want to import an existing .xml configuration file (that was signed before the password change) using the ESET CMD command line, make sure to sign it again using your current password. This allows you to use older configuration file without the need to export it on the other machine running ESET Mail Security before the import.