ESET PROTECT scan targets

This functionality lets ESET PROTECT use scan target (On-demand mailbox database scan and Hyper-V scan) when running the Server Scan client task on a server with ESET Mail Security. ESET PROTECT scan targets setting is available only if you have ESET Management Agent installed, otherwise it will be grayed out.

When you enable Generate target list ESET Mail Security creates a list of available scan targets. This list is generated periodically, according to your Update period.


When Generate target list is enabled for the first time, it takes ESET PROTECT about half of the specified Update period to pick it up. So if Update period is set to 60 minutes, it'll take ESET PROTECT about 30 minutes to receive the list of scan targets. If you need ESET PROTECT to collect the list earlier, set the update period to a smaller value. You can always increase it later.

When ESET PROTECT runs a Server Scan client task, it will collect the list and you will be asked to select scan targets for Hyper-V scan on that particular server.