Methods used

Communication between the IBM Domino server and ESET Mail Security is secured by an add-in (LMON.dll) that is loaded on the server startup as a part of the IBM Domino Extension manager. If this plug-in is loaded it is a part of every important process running on the server.


The server configuration is stored in the notes.ini file on the server. This file contain information about add-ins in the EXTMGR_ADDINS line. The ESET Mail Security LMON.dll add-in is loaded into protected Domino server tasks. It is loaded when each Domino server task is started. This way, the add-in is notified about every important event, for example: a new connection, a new message in a mailbox, when a file in a database is accessed, etc. During the ESET Mail Security installation, LMON.dll, LMON_SCANNER.exe and LmonLang.dll files are copied into the Domino directory (the file LmonLang.dll is only present in localized versions of the product).

The following three methods are used to scan emails:

Mail transport protection

Database protection

On-demand database scan