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ESET Mail Security for IBM Domino (formerly IBM Lotus Domino) is an integrated solution that protects the databases and user mailboxes in the IBM Domino environment from various types of malicious content including email attachments infected by worms or trojans, documents containing harmful scripts, phishing schemes and spam.

ESET Mail Security provides three types of protection: Antivirus, Antispam and user-defined rules. ESET Mail Security filters the malicious content at the mail server level before it arrives in the recipient's email client inbox.

ESET Mail Security supports IBM Domino version 6.5.4 and later, as well as IBM Domino, in a cluster environment. You can remotely manage ESET Mail Security in larger networks with the help ofESET PROTECT.

While providing IBM Domino protection, ESET Mail Security also includes tools to protect the server (resident protection, web-access protection and email client protection).


Mail transport protection

The action was taken on messages received through the SMTP protocol. The messages are scanned using the Greylisting technique, the antivirus and antispam module and user-defined rules.

Database protection

All actions regarding the database (read/write). When the files are written into the database or retrieved from the database (read), they are scanned again by the antivirus module and user-defined rules.