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You can log in to ESET MSP Administrator 2 API as one of two types of users:

Standard User – created by User/Create call

Contact User created at the same time as an entity (e.g. MSP)

Calls from the Users category are used to retrieve and edit information about ESET MSP Administrator 2 API users.

You can send requests from the User category to:

Get information about the current user

Change the password for the current user

Get information about another user

Create a new user (Standard User)

Update an existing user

Get a list of directly accessible children (companies)

Who is a Contact User

When you create an MSP or Managed MSP you also create a Contact User (simultaneously). When logged in as the Contact User, you can create a Standard User under your company. If you create a Customer, a Contact User is not created. The Contact User is used as the point of contact for each MSP.

After you create an MSP or Managed MSP, the new Contact User receives a confirmation email. The new Contact User needs to accept the Terms of use and set up a password.


Any new Contact or Standard User is not API-enabled by default. Contact your ESET distributor to enable API access.