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Notification for detected threats

In the remote management console you can create a notification to be notified for each file marked by ESET LiveGuard Advanced a threat.

1.Log in to the Web Console.

2.Click Notifications > New Notification.

3.Type a name and optionally a description for the new notification.

4.Click the toggle below to enable the notification and click Continue.

5.In the Configuration section, select Events on managed computers from the Event drop-down menu, and then select Antivirus detection from the Category drop-down menu.

6.Optionally, you can change the monitored static group. Only computers in this group and its sub-groups, where the user has permissions, are monitored for this notification.

7.Keep the operator AND, click Add filter and select Detection name.

8.Set the filter operator to is one of and type the string ESET LiveGuard to the text field and click Continue.

9.In the Advanced Settings - Throttling, you can set up advanced timing for notification distribution.

10. In the Distribution window, set up the proper distribution channel for you.

11. Save the notification.


ESET File Security For Windows users

Before Jun 2021, the detection name reported from ESET Server Security was: Blocked EDTD. This has since been unified to Dynamic Threat Defense and later renamed to ESET LiveGuard.