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Perform diagnostics

If ESET LiveGuard Advanced is not working:

Ensure that you meet all requirements.

In the Web Console, look for a cause using the following instructions.

ESET LiveGuard Advanced license

1.Log in to the Web Console.

2.Click More > License Management.

3.Verify if your ESET LiveGuard Advanced license is listed. If the license is not there, add it using your ESET Business Account or ESET MSP Administrator. If you are getting your licenses from ESET Business Account, ensure that the displayed icon is the following:user This icon indicates the EBA account.

Users running supported Linux products can verify their license and seat ID locally using a Linux terminal.

Verify the license on ESET Server Security for Linux.

Verify the license on ESET Endpoint Security for Linux.

Product activation

1.Navigate to Computers menu.

2.Click the computer > Show Details.

3.Open the Details section > click Product & Licenses tab.

4.Look for the ESET LiveGuard Advanced license. If the license is not there, activate the product.diag2

Product configuration

1.Click Computers > click the computer > Show Details > Configuration and click Request configuration.

2.When the configuration is received (click the reload ( icon_reload ) button to refresh your view) , click Security product > Open Configuration, click Detection engine > Cloud-based protection, and check if ESET LiveGrid® and ESET LiveGuard Advanced are enabled. For server products, click Computer > Cloud-based protection. If needed, configure the policy to enable ESET LiveGuard Advanced on your machine.

3.If there is no Security product on the Configuration tab after the configuration is received, install a supported ESET security product on the target machine.