EFDE client side encryption process

After you initialize the encryption from the management console or after the All-in-one installer is successfully finished, the workstation will reboot to start the encryption process.

1.After the reboot to confirm the successful installation of the EFDE client, the user will be shown a pop-up window, describing the following encryption steps.

2.User can decide, if he wants to start the encryption now by selecting Restart, or if he wants to Postpone it.

3.After the reboot, the EFDE Safe Start mode screen will be displayed with a 1 minute counter and will automatically start after the timer reaches 0. User can also initiate the next step immediately by pressing any key.


4.After the user logs in his windows account, he will be prompted to setup the EFDE pre-boot login password.


5.User can Setup the password immediately ( the password must meet the password requirements specified in the EFDE configuration policy) or postpone the step for later. Without completing this step, the encryption will not continue.



If the user does not setup his password and the system is restarted, the encryption process will be postponed. To initiate the Safe Start again, the administrator needs to uninstall the EFDE client, and re-install the EFDE Client again.

6.Once the password is created, the encryption of the disk(s) will be initiated. The status of the encryption is displayed in the EFDE client application and also in the Computer Details of the workstation in the management console.

7.After the encryption process is successfully finished, when the workstation is rebooted, the user will be prompted with the EFDE pre-boot login screen for the EFDE pre-boot login password to login to the workstation.