Before you can uninstall the EFDE client from the workstation, you need to decrypt all encrypted disk drives.


1.Make sure that no policies are applied to the workstation.

2.Create a new EFDE policy.

3.Under Encryption Options -> Full Disk Encryption Mode disable the Enable Encryption setting.

4.Save and assign this policy to the workstation you want to decrypt.

5.Once the decryption process on the workstation is finished, the workstation will report as Encryption: Inactive.


Once all drives on the workstation are decrypted, you can proceed to uninstall the EFDE client.

1.Create a new Client task -> Software Uninstall.

2.Under Settings, select Application from list from the drop-down.

3.Select Package to uninstall: ESET Full Disk Encryption.

4.Click Finish and assign the task to the workstation.