ESET Enterprise Inspector (EEI) Telemetry services collect usage information based on user behavior within the EEI console in order to improve user experience and overall system performance.

Data collected

Number of computers with  EEI agent installed

Information about the machine where EEI server is installed:

oOS name and version

oCPU model and speed

oRAM size

oMySQL database version and size

Information about the machine where EEI agent is installed:

oAgent version

oOS name and version

oRAM size

oCPU model and speed

Number of computers managed by ESET PROTECT

Number of events received by EEI server, processing time

Web browser name and version  in which EEI Web Console is viewed

Commands executed by the user in EEI Web Console

Report how long it takes to run purge for one partition

Report if the purge completed successfully or failed

How many detections were generated from which rule

How many detections were generated each day (week)

Due to the nature of telemetry, the IP address of EEI server from which the information is sent is also collected.