ESET Enterprise Inspector

No Endpoint protection solution can provide a hundred percent detection rate for unknown malware. To help security professionals protect their sensitive data, detect and investigate security incidents, advanced threats, and targeted attacks or breaches on endpoint devices, a security tool is needed. ESET Enterprise Inspector (EEI) is a tool that offers the peace of mind of continuous protection and security monitoring in a powerful and easy-to-use solution.

EEI collects data in real time on endpoint devices. The data is matched against a set of rules to detect suspicious activities automatically. Then the aggregated data is processed, and the information is prioritized and correlated in a searchable form. This aggregated data allows a security professional to search for unusual and suspicious activities more efficiently and enables an accurate incident response, management, and reporting.


ESET Enterprise Inspector is a solution that includes the following three components:

EEI Agent is installed on endpoint devices that are monitored by EEI and collect the data for the EEI, removes malicious components, and blocks execution of these components

EEI Server continually aggregates and stores the collected data and displays it in the EEI Web Console

EEI Web Console is the user interface for  ESET Enterprise Inspector built as an HTML5 web application