Make sure that you fulfilled the requirements before proceeding with the EEI Server installation. We recommend that you do not install the ESET PROTECT Server and EEI Server on the same machine. We do not recommend using this process. Instead use the GUI installation process.



For installation purposes, use only the user that is created without the Two Factor Authentication option enabled. Otherwise, an error can occur during the installation process.

1.Log in to the ESET PROTECT with proper rights (ESET PROTECT Admin rights or ask ESET PROTECT Admin to create and deploy agents for you if you don't have sufficient rights).

2.Make sure that the computer for installing EEI Server has an ESET Management Agent installed.

3.Click the desired computer and choose New Task...

4.Fill in the desired Name, Description, in Task Category, you can keep All Tasks, in Task select Software Install. Click Settings in the left menu or the Continue button at the bottom of the window.

5.Choose whether you want to install EEI Server from the repository or specify the URL path to the installer.

6.Fill in the Installation parameters field. You can use the same parameters as in the Installation from a command line, or you can leave it blank (if it is an upgrade from existing installation). Click Finish.

7.If the task is already created, you can rerun it on another computer or group of computers. See Client Tasks executions.

EEI Communication Scheme

EEI Schema



SIEM is an acronym for Security Information and Event Management.