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ESET Cloud Office Security user access to specific company

In a multi-tenant environment, you can provide a user with access to ESET Cloud Office Security, allowing the user to only see a specific company (with read or write permission). This is usually used by MSPs.

Configure user access rights in ESET MSP Administrator by assigning a company with Write permission and Write access to ESET Cloud Office Security:

1.Log in to ESET MSP Administrator as an administrator.

2.Edit a user, configure Access rights to companies under Permissions and select Write access. The user can only see the assigned company with its license pool.

3.Set Write access to ESET Cloud Office Security so the user can protect a company by adding a Tenant. A user with Read access cannot add or remove a Tenant.


Only one access type to ESET Cloud Office Security can be configured as a global setting and applies to all companies (if a user is assigned multiple companies).