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Audit log

Tracks changes in ESET Cloud Office Security configuration or protection. The Audit log records are evidence of the activities and show the sequence in which they occurred. Audit logs store information about the specific operation or event. Audit logs are created whenever a ESET Cloud Office Security object (License pool, User, Policy, Report, or Quarantine item, such as an attachment) is created or modified.

When you click the gear icon gear in the upper-right corner to access the Export to CSV from the context menu, you can export the table grid to CSV format and use it in other applications.

Click the icon icon_expand_b_tiny to open a sidebar with a summary of a specific audit log record. For more detailed information, click the three dots icon icon_contextmenu_b_tiny and select Show details.



Basic information

Shows general audit log data (Occurred, Action, Severity, Result, Section).


Shows information about the user who took action or made a change, including the user's email and IP address.


Details about the changes made.

Old settings

Shows previous policy setting(s).

New settings

Shows the current policy setting(s).


Lists objects affected by the change or action (user, policy, attachment, etc.).

You can filter users by several criteria. Click Add filter and select a filter type from the drop-down menu or type a string (repeat when combining multiple criteria):

Add filter



Select one of the available actions.


Type a valid object name.


Select one of the following options: Succeeded, Failed, Started, or Partially succeeded


Type the user who performed changes.


Select the severity level: Low, Medium, or High

Occurred from / Occurred to

Filter by the time of occurrence. Use Occurred from and click the date to only show records newer than the date specified. Use Occurred for the records earlier than, or use both for the desired time range.

System initiated

Filter records made by the system.