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ESET LiveGuard Advanced

ESET LiveGuard Advanced provides another layer of security by utilizing advanced ESET Cloud-based technology to detect the new, never-before-seen type of threats. ESET LiveGuard Advanced gives you the advantage of being protected against consequences caused by new threats. If ESET LiveGuard Advanced detects suspicious code or behavior, it prevents further threat activity by temporarily putting it into quarantine.

A suspicious sample (file or email message) is automatically submitted to the ESET Cloud, where the ESET LiveGuard Advanced server analyzes the sample using its cutting-edge malware detection engines. While files or emails are in the quarantine, ESET Cloud Office Security is waiting for the results from the ESET LiveGuard Advanced server.

After the analysis is completed, your ESET Cloud Office Security receives a report with a summary of the observed sample's behavior. If the sample proves harmless, it is released from the quarantine. Otherwise, it is kept in quarantine.

ESET LiveGuard Advanced results for samples usually arrive within a few minutes for email messages. However, the default waiting interval is set to 5 minutes. In rare cases, when ESET LiveGuard Advanced results do not arrive within the interval, the message is released. You can change the interval to your preferred time (anything between 5-60 minutes, in one-minute increments).

ESET Cloud Office Security license makes you eligible to use ESET LiveGuard Advanced feature at no extra fee. You will see the ELG label next to the License ID in License management.

When a small pop-up window appears, you can activate ESET LiveGuard Advanced by creating a new policy or updating an existing one.


For more detailed information about ESET LiveGuard Advanced, see How ESET LiveGuard Advanced detection layers work.